As it is becoming more and more important for one’s website to not only be found in Google, but also to be well-placed (ranked) in Google’s search engine results, website owners are turning to expensive, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialists, to ensure their sites are indexed in Google’s vast database of websites and well-placed in the results page of a Google search.

The first, even vital part of website optimisation is to ensure that appropriate search words or phrases (keywords) are placed correctly in the website, along with other important structuring of the website’s code (HTML).

SEO Lite is a one-time set of economical Search Engine Optimisation activities, performed on your behalf by experienced IIS web engineers, aimed at ensuring your website meets all recommended requirements for full Google compliance at a once-off fee of R1950.00 ex. VAT.

A Google-compliant website contains properly-structured keywords, a sitemap and meaningful, relevant content, title and description, aimed at ensuring the right number of keywords are indexed by Google so that your site can be found in Google, according to the keywords you have chosen.

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SEO Lite does not assist directly with Google Ranking but ranking can be improved, depending on the competitiveness of your keywords (our engineers analyse the keywords you select and make recommendations based on the popularity and competitiveness of the keywords you choose, along with similar keywords as advised by Google itself).

No promise or guarantee of improvement in ranking however can be given, as SEO Lite is aimed at indexing, not ranking.